Lenovo A7020a48 Flash File

Lenovo A7020a48 firmware Flash file 100% tested

You don’t require updating your Smartphone’s firmware. It isn’t mandatory. Yet, it is good practice to keep your device updated. It’s your choice whether you want to do it or not.
If you choose to get an update, you need to be cautious. There is hundreds of firmware swarming all over the internet of the particular device in question. If you don’t get the right one, then it can damage the system and obviously, it won’t work on your Android phone.

You need to go over the model number of the firmware that you wish to update. Registered users with the manufacturing websites regular notice through email whenever a new update is released. So, if you’re registered Lenovo user, you obviously would get the firmware from their website.
Updating the firmware of your device is rewarding as it will ensure the device lasts for years. Yet, it is a tricky business and therefore, keeping your tabs on the updates is important. Plus, completing the process with care is important. As mentioned, direct updates are provided from the Smartphone manufacturers through their official website. Besides, you can do it manually on your own by downloading the files first of the firmware.

Hard Reset:

First of all, shut down your phone. Once done, you now have to push the volume up and lock button of the device simultaneously. The phone will show some sort of Android sign. Now, click on the lock button. A bunch of options will appear on the screen. Now using the volume buttons, you will go down or up. Choose the option Factory reset and then from there the process is simple. It will take some time to reset the phone data entirely. Then reboot the system and now you have a new device just like the day you first bought it.

Why Hard reset:

There are various reasons one might need to reset their phones using this technique. People confront certain situations when forget their password to open the device. And while some people encounter problems beyond the ordinary example that I’ve laid out. Whatever the situation may be, performing a simple hard reset on your device can solve them all unless it is beyond it.

Stock Rom information:

Brand Name: Lenovo
Model Number: Lenovo A7020a48
Chip: Mediatek 6755
Factory Type of the Firmware: Official
Android Version of the Device: Android 6.0
Price of the Firmware: No cost
Download Server: Google Drive

Lenovo Flash File Download Link

A7020a40_S119_160408_ROM Updating

A7020a48_S318_161128_ROW  MT6755  Mirror

A7010a48_S152_160302_ROW  MT6753 Mirror

A7020a40_S259_160721_ROM   Updating

A7020a48_LL_S125_160419_ROM  Updating

A7020a48_S312_160926_ROW MT6755  Mirror

How to Flash Lenovo A7020a48:

  • First download the firmware of your device, in this case, the Lenovo A7020a48.
  • The device uses MediaTek chipset, so download the driver and install it.
  • Download the Flash tools or the crack for your Smartphone.
  • Using WinRAR or any equivalent unzipping software you need to unzip the files that you’ve downloaded.
  • Then set up the flash tools that you got recently.
  • Now, load the firmware for your Lenovo A7020a48 device.
  • Charge the battery of your device up to 50% before moving to the next phase.
  • Shut off your device
  • Now, like before get to the recovery mode.
  • Connect the device using USB cable to your laptop.
  • The flash process has already started
  • It will take around 5-10 minutes at most to complete the process.

Benefits of Firmware Update:

The benefits of updating the Firmware of your Lenovo are quite the obvious ones. First of all, your device will become faster. Most of us who use smartphones have noticed that devices tend to get slower with every passing day. Yet, a firmware update of the device can solve that issue. Then an internal issue within the device also will be solved automatically with the latest updated firmware. Then, clearly, your device will get the upgrade it required. But the most significant factor is that the updates will resolve any bugs you’ve encountered. Your software issues also would be taken care of if you upgrade your device’s firmware from time to time.

The guideline is provided above. So, anyone can easily upgrade their Lenovo today and get their device in the best shape possible. The links are also given so that you don’t have to wander around the internet to find a credible link. Hopefully, all your problems can be taken care of after you go through the process mentioned above using the links given in the article. However, if you still require any sort of assistance then don’t hesitate to contact us and leave your problems below. We will get back to you with the solution ASAP!